Marty Koch


Saint Louis, MO


Marty is a retired park ranger from St. Louis, Missouri. He has traveled extensively to the wild areas of America photographing nature's beauty. He is a photography instructor and freelance writer with may published articles and photographs. He has authored two books of his photography and is working on a third. He enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing and of course, nature photography.

One of his specialties is office decor. His fine art photo prints adorn the walls of hundreds of offices throughout the Midwest.

Click on one of the galleries below to view the available images. Once you select an image you can order just a print or a framed and matted print ready to hang. Your choices of size, mats and frames appear on the left side of the page so you can see exactly how your artwork will appear. Once you place an order you will receive it within 10 days ready to hang on your wall. We only use the finest archival papers, famous maker frames, and the most skilled technicians to assemble your artwork. There is a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee on all orders so you can shop with confidence.

Now go ahead and browse the galleries and experiment with different frames and mats until you have created the perfect artwork for your home, business or office.


Old Time Barber Shop Sketch 2 by Marty Koch


Just Stuff Sketch 4 by Marty Koch


Barrels Sketch 4 by Marty Koch


Beautiful Mill Sketch 6 by Marty Koch


Zoo Animal Abstract by Marty Koch


Eagle 200a by Marty Koch


Windmill At The Garden by Marty Koch


Redtaila 4a by Marty Koch


Red Tail 4b by Marty Koch


Tetons At The Landing by Marty Koch


Pretty Flowers by Marty Koch


Old Tyme Tractor by Marty Koch


1006 Abstract 1 by Marty Koch


186 Abstract 2 by Marty Koch


186 Abstract 1 by Marty Koch


Full Curl 1 by Marty Koch


Misty Day At The Dock by Marty Koch


Haystack Rock by Marty Koch


Rock on Beach by Marty Koch


Church at Boxley by Marty Koch


On the Gulf by Marty Koch


Glacier Mountain Landscape by Marty Koch


Teton Ranch by Marty Koch


Oxbow Bend by Marty Koch


Two Medicine by Marty Koch